Robert Cudmore

Image Analysis

Map Manager Full featured, accurate, and intuitive software to annotate 3D image time-series.
Vascular Analysis
Software to trace and analyze vascular networks in 3D image time-series.

Data Acquisition

Treadmill A complete hardware/software solution to build an 'on the scope' motorized treadmill with synchronized video to be used during awake in vivo two-photon imaging.
Canvas Software to create an intuitive spatial 'canvas' that is used during both in vivo and ex vivo imaging as well as offline during analysis.
Homecage A system for 24/7 video recording of homecage activity including control of light cycles and an intuitive web interface to control all aspects of the experiment.
bAcq/bStim General purpose stimulus generation and data acquisition for both electrophysiology and on the scope behavior. Written in Igor Pro and supports National Instruments data-acquisition boards.

Image Analysis Macros

Fiji Plugins A collection of simple yet powerful Fiji/ImageJ plugins to convert file formats, align volumes and time series, and other good stuff.

Web Based Analysis

PyMapManager A suite of big-data open-source tools to analyze time-series image stacks including web based analysis, visualization, and sharing.
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