Robert Cudmore

Robert H Cudmore Robert H. Cudmore
Research Associate

Linden Lab, Department of Neuroscience
The Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine


Research Interests

I am currently a Research Associate at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore MD, working in the lab of David Linden.

We are elucidate the micro-structural changes that occur in the brain when one exercises. The hypothesis is that (i) exercise changes structures in the brain, and (ii) mood and cognitive improvements after exercise will have structural engrams in the brain.

We are examining this by having mice run on wheels while we repeatedly image the same neurons, astrocytes and vasculature. We do all the imaging in vivo using a custom built two-photon microscope and a range of genetic fluorescent markers. This longitudinal imaging allows us to image and track the same structure(s) at a micro-meter scale over a gamut of time scales: from minutes to months.

Analysis software for 2-Photon Microscopy

To make these experiments possible, I am developing software to analyze and track 3D structures (spines, boutons and vasculature) over multiple time-points.

There are two main branches of this software, one for neurons and the other for vasculature.

Ongoing Research Interests

I was previously a postdoc in Marseille France, working in the team of Dominique Debanne. I did my PhD at Brandeis University, in the department of Neuroscience, in the lab of Gina Turrigiano.

During this time I became enamored of voltage-dependent ion channels and how they integrate synaptic input into action potential output: the activity signals which trigger plasticity in this integration and the mechanisms by which this plasticity is achieved. To examine these topics, I have used an array of experimental and computational techniques including: whole-cell electrophysiology, acute brain-slice, organotypic slice culture, pharmacology, single-cell computational models, and hybrid network models.


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